SideScroller setting up lighting

Hi All,

I’m using the side scroller template but i’m having some difficulties
how to setup my lighting with my scene. I’m wondering if I need to close things
like make a ceiling on top so my light doesn’t leak. Even if you don’t see it.
For indoor thing do you still need a directionlight?

How would light things if you are only viewing it from the side?? see my screenshot.
like sidescroller game.

I also don’t understand why i’m not getting any bounced light from my directional
light on the floor from my crate!!

If I create a empty template it works!!! So it must be something in the
template of the sidescroller. Does anybody know why?

Thanks! and a merry X-mass


Hi All,

I have fixed the shadow problem. Because it a sidescroller with my blue character is it possible to record frames like you do with matinee?
In matinee you have you camera, but I don’t want to do cinematic but some walking and jumping of the character. output this to frames!!! Thanks