SideScroller example (settings applay)

I created SideScroller BP example , and i can’t figure out how to MyGame (BP), and MyCharacter (BP) applay.
WorldSettings -> GameMode -> None
Edit-> Project Setting
Is someone can help me?

I can exactly understand your question, you need to rephrase, but here’s what I assume would help:

In the main toolbar, click on the blueprint button (6th button) and in the dropdown that opened under “GameBlueprints” you see 5 names, the ones with a plus icon means you don’t have them, for instance by default you don’t have a gamestate, so if you click on them it creates a new blueprint of that class for you. And the ones with a wrench icon mean you already have them in the project and by clicking on them it opens up and you can start editing them.

Click on the first one (GameMode) and it opens it up for you, there you can set your player’s pawn and player controller classes if you need to.