Sidescroller Cam wont set the new Z hight correctly

Greetings, i have a sidescroller cam set up to make it follow the player on x only ( left, right ( current rotation) ).

I got 2 booleans, 1 for “is Cam following on z” and 1 for " is the platform triggered"

Works fine so far, since i used print strings to make sure triggers get called correctly.

If my player is entering a platform, which is moving to the top, i need a new hight. So i made a Integer to update the current Z of the cam, and make it follow ofc.
Even this works.

But what my problem is now, as soon as the platform animation stops ( matinee ), i disabled the boolean for "is cam following on z"and from there, even if the boolean gets deactivated to not true and the prints proof me right, the cam is still following on Z.

I know there is obviously something completly wrong, but i dont know what :S

So any advice would be nice.

Some of you may laught about my setup, but i have to get over it then, so here it is: