Side Scroller Global Coordinate Axes Setup

Hello Everyone,

I was messing around with the template Side Scroller Project and noticed that the global coordinates are setup in such a way that the +Y direction is to the left and +X is pointing away from the camera.

I haven’t made any side scrolling 2D games like this before but this seemed confusing to me and I feel like moving to the right through the level should be +Y and moving left through the level should be -Y (As in the player starts at the origin (0,0,0) and moves in a general +Y direction throughout the level). Is there any specific reason that the coordinate system was chosen the way it was? I was thinking maybe it is important to have +X pointing away from the camera from some reason but it seems to me like having +Y be to the right would be more important than having +X be away from the camera (Especially since +X toward the camera, +Y to the right is the way that the level is oriented by default in the UE4 editor).

Just wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge of making 2D side scrolling games that could shed some light on this topic. Thanks!