Side of Meshes Flash On The Screen [Glitch]{Need Help}

Hi there, i seem to be having a problem with some of the sides of my meshes (particularly doors or walkthrough passages). Once my character begins moving through the door, the interior ring begins to have an overlap that causes the game to render outside the designated area (basically showing me the outside of the level for about 0.2 seconds). It also seems to do this randomly when I’m inside my level. I thought it was possibly the blur effect, but I reduced it to 0 on my character and it was still happening. I am fairly new to UE4, so if you need any more explanation let me know.

-Flashes when moving around the side of objects (mainly walkthroughs)
-I am using a Skylight and Exponential Fog
-Blur is set to 0 on the character
-Character is in First Person, camera is attached to head

Here is video showing the problem:

That’s caused by occlusion culling. If you use the and search for “visibility culling” or “occlusion culling” and put my last name “hobson” behind it you’ll find multiple posts on the AnswerHub and the forums where I’ve helped with this issue. I would link to some more helpful ones directly but I’m on my mobile device atm.

Hopefully this helps. If not reply back and I’ll post something more later. :slight_smile: