Shuriken trail like Genji in Overwatch

I need to create a bullet trail like Genji in Overwatch.

What is the correct way to do something similar use a particle system and create a trail or what?


Thats how they did it.

But in the case of particle system, I need to use a ribbon data? or anim trail?

You should use Anim Trail.

Really, just try it out instead of asking.

Also try doing the same thing with some refraction by recreating hanzo’s arrow trail :slight_smile:

The problem is this, I’ve tried to do something but i’ve this problem so i’m asking if the ribon data is the correct way… | section: Bullet Trail Material and Particle

I just did what the guide says, but the problem remain.

The bullet is a blueprint class with collision component as root and physics enabled, the particle system component is assigned as children.
When I add an impulse force of 300 the “trail effect” is good, If I increase the impulse force to 900 the trail not mantain the origin as I’ve said before.

Nothing changes If I increase the spawn rate or spawn rate scale.

I miss something…