Shrinking a player


It might be really basic to many of you here but i kind of struggle making my character shrink to about 10 times of his actual size (Basically like the size of Antman)
I got him to be the size i wanted but the animation and the walking speed dont match up now. Tried to speed up the walking animation but it just doesnt look real at all. Can anyone suggest a method that works? Would highly appreciate it.

Thank you so much in advance

When resizing a mesh, you could change the walk speed, because it’s using UUnits in it’s distance measurement for walking speed, not accounting for any third factors such as the character being shrunk, it’s X UUnits of movement, and when you shrink the character, you should divide the speed by that amount if you want it to look real, I believe. I’m not quite sure what you’re doing with the context you’ve given, so this is just my interpretation.