Show Mouse Cursor cancels out Mouse Axis values?

In my player controller I have events for both my mouse axes, connected to a print string, printing their Axis Values, and a Set show mouse cursor node on begin play. It works fine, and different mouse axes values are printed on my screen as I move my mouse around.

Until I left click anywhere on my screen (besides the initial mouse click). Then the default pawn will stop receiving mouse input for rotating the camera, and my print string showing mouse values will stay at 0.0 regardless of mouse movement, unless I move the mouse around while holding left click.

Is this a bug, or works as intended?

I mean I realize my cursor is being shown, and that it must be canceling out using mouse movement to control anything else, but what if I still want to control anything (such as camera rotation or else), even if I’m showing the mouse cursor?

This is all I have in my player controller: (empty game template, no functionalities at all, except for an empty game mode so I can use this player controller)

If I assign a key to Set Input Mode Game Only, the mouse axis values will start working again, but as soon as I left click another time they’ll stop working.


Something that fixes this is connecting the Set Input Mode Game Only node to Left Mouse Button Released, but I don’t think this is a proper fix, specially as I’ll want to use the mouse to click the interface later.