Show a volume actor's wireframe in-game with SetActorHiddenInGame(false)?

If you add a shape component for collisions in Blueprints you can disable the “Hidden in Game” option to force the wireframe to display in-game.

I’m trying to use what I think is the C++ equivalent of that, i.e SetActorHiddenInGame(false) to get a volume actor (derived from AVolume) to show its wireframe in-game but this is not working. I’m doing this in BeginPlay() right now, that should be ok right?

Ultimately I’m going to use some proper visual cues to alert the player to the trigger zone but just for initial debugging I thought it’d be nice to have the wireframes enabled if possible…

Hi, sorry for digging up the forum.
I have the same problem as you and didn’t find anything so far.
Did you finally manage to find a solution?
In the engine implementation of AVolume, I saw that we have access to a UModel* Brush. Maybe I can use that to draw the Volume?