ShouldSkipUpdate on server / client


While creating some working multiplayer shooter game I came up with a problem about ‘UMovementComponent::ShouldSkipUpdate’.

Because there are lots of enemies in the scene, I enable ‘UpdateOnlyIfRendered’ for saving some tick time.

On server side, if player can’t see an enemy(we name A) in some situation, function ‘ShouldSkipUpdate’ returns true and saves some CPU time on A’s CharacterMovementComponent::TickComponent. At the same time, on client side, player can see this enemy (A), but the problem is ‘ShouldSkipUpdate’ return true, that causes TickComponent returning in advance. In fact, ShouldSkipUpdate should return false, as on client side, player can see this enemy (A).

Does anybody have similar problem? Any suggestion for fixing this problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.