Shouldn't this fail more gracefully?

So I have two 1 year old laptops which I have had no problem playing lots of 3D games. However, ironically, you might say, one of the programs it has problems with is the Unreal Engine. Not only that but the launcher itself shows various graphics glitches.

Both have Intel 3000 HD graphics. Now, I know this is not supported, but shouldn’t it detect this graphics card and fail a bit more gracefully than what is in the image? Maybe pop up a message saying “this graphics card is not supported”?

My laptops are:
HP laptop with touchscreen. HD Intel 3000 graphics
MacBook Air. HD Intel 3000 graphics.

Also, they have no problem running Unity. But it would be nice to make some mobile games with Unreal.

Maybe with the optimizations for Unreal Engine 4.11 they can look into this. At the very least make it fail a bit more gracefully!

Also, if someone can explain in simple terms what causes this artifact I’d be interested to know. Why is it a triangle shape?

Here’s some more for you:

Here’s my favorite:

They’re hard to screengrab. But are rather beautiful in there own special ways.

From what I understand it’s a specific issue with the Intel HD3000, it’s not just that it’s underpowered.

Just a suggestion but if they know that this card doesn’t work with your code (which I submit is a problem with your code not the card as there must be ways to detect the card and work around the issue, for example reverting rendering to the CPU), would it not be better to just to display a message that says, “Sorry this card is not supported please upgrade your graphics card”. Instead of just showing you a glitchy launcher to launch Unreal at a very low FPS? Then everyone who has a MacBook Air will not think Valve is rubbish at coding?

It is just a suggestion to help you out with your PR :smiley:

Here’s another one for your delectation:


Personally, my point of view is that if the **launcher ** can’t even run properly on a MacBook Air, why would anyone trust Unreal Engine to make mobile games? Can you see why people might think that?