Should I switch from an iMac to a PC for the best affordable performance in Unreal?

I’m currently running a late 2015 iMac, the specifications are :-

Processor 4GHz i7
Memory 16 GB DDR3
Graphics AMD Radeon M395 x 4 GB

When I start adding foliage to environments the framerate immediately drops to around 10-14 fps. I also regularly get warnings that the Texture Streaming Pool is way over budget. It’s at least 400 MiB over. I’ve not been successful trying to find ways to improve this online. So I’m starting to wonder if I need to upgrade to hardware I’m using. Is a high performance PC, which I can continue to upgrade over time the answer? If that’s true then I have no idea as to the specifications which are possible now. My budget is around $2000 USD. Thank you for any help in advance.

All products and services in Apple’s ecosystem are geared to lock you in and extract a premium. That is reason enough to consider alternatives even if it has nothing to do with using unreal.

Unless you are wealthy and can afford the sportcar equivalent of electronics.

Some options in the $2000 range:…9SIAEYA9WU8811…9SIAA0S9WE4533…9SIAEYA9WU7395…9SIAEYA9WU7381…9SIAA0S8WP4906

Anyway assembling it yourself or having someone assemble the components for you should always be cheaper, or for the same price allow you to get the best brand PSU, best brand and model motherboard and so on. But if you can’t those configurations in the $2000 are good enough. Get the most expensive one with 32GB, 1TB SSD, 1TB or 2TB HDU and RTX 2070 if you want maximum performance and you don’t need to save money on your budget.