Should i scale scenes by a lot or is there any other way to show closeups

Sorry for the noobish question but …I have a little scene i am working on its got a piano. i want the cinematic matinee camera to move over the keys of the piano without the piano geometry getting clipped on one side. i did set cameras near clip… but it dosent seem to change anything. My scene scale is the same as in real life so i don’t know what to do ? Any help?


Unfortunately I cannot really help with the camera setup, but I know that drastically scaling your scene is not the best idea due to the way the light gets calculated in the engine. I hope someone with better knowledge can clarify this and help you further.

thanks for the reply kontur… would be nice if there was a good way of doing this. as it eats up a lot of the mesh real fast :slight_smile: but i guess ill have to change camera angles there seems to be no other way.

Have you tried changing your cameras field of view / FOV to something as small as 25 during the fly-over across the keys? I think that would do the trick already.

omg! why didn’t i think of that! Thanks echelon V you are a life saver!

@spacehawk - sounds like you need to reduce the near clipping plane from its default value of 10 to something smaller, like 1 or 0.1