Should I just use a pawn/character for a simple racing game?

I was checking out some of tutorials and trying to get a simple car going (literally a 1x1x1m box with wheels) using the vehicle blueprints and everything, but my car just wouldn’t work correctly. Either the car would randomly start tilting while being still or the car would topple over (maybe because it was top heavy?)

Either way, I kind of realized I’m not interested in having a a car simulator for my game and a lot of features that the vehicle blueprint offers, as well as all of the physics attached to it, isn’t wanted in my game. So I was wondering if it’s a good idea to use a Pawn/Character blueprint for a simple kart racing game or if I should still try to use a vehicle blueprint.

Appreciate the help,

I appreciate the reply.

I’m a little new with UE, but I don’t believe I’ll have much trouble with the physics once I figure out how to work with Pawns. Thank you for the advice.

If you think youre capable of writing some simple physics for your game then using Pawn could be the way to go, Character is linked to CharacterMovement component and Capsule which might not be to your liking. I would recommend a custom collision mesh thats like a chamfered box because this will cause your karts to jam up less because the engine only really gives you sphere or box. Friction values can be found on tracing to a surface and so you can adjust your handling appropriately if you plan to have different characteristics based on the surface youre driving.

Thats not a problem, if you feel this is answered then you can mark it as such. I would recommend making a new thread if you have any issues specific to your own implementation attempts, thanks.