Should I do a 3d or 2d fighting game for unreal?

More specifically, would you recommend doing 3d character models constrained to a 2d plain vs 2d sprite models constrained to 2d plain? The reason I ask is I’m wondering about physics collisions and if its move intuitive to use 3d character models with sphere collisions and other types around different areas of the body. I know with 2d sprites you normally use some types of box collisions and such. Wasn’t sure if UE4 would make development around a 3d character model easier since it seems more designed for 3d games. Also, since things will be constrained to a 2d plain, I don’t think the math will be too much different between the 2 options and I could still reap the benefits of easier 2d math even though I’m using 3d models. Though correct me if I’m wrong.

Going 3D is a lot tricker, and you can’t take certain shortcuts you could take in 2D. It also depends on your platform, since you are quite limited on mobile, especially with many 3D models, lights, etc.
Not sure what your overall vision for the game is, but I would go 2D, simply because it is less work intensive.

Well 2d you can go for Mobile, tappy chicken runs smooth.