Should FP arms always have a weapon attach bone that is used by the animator?

Hey guys, I have a question that concerns me.

We have animated a bunch of stuff such as an AK74, with our FP arms. When we import and setup the montages/state machines, it all works great. Everything is in sync and it all works as intended. The thing is, we arent parenting the weapon to a bone, its just synced because the animations are in sync.

This made me think, should the gun always be socketed to the hand for a ‘just incase’ scenario?

What if you animated a sort of universal animation, lets say your character gets blasted backwards, and their arms flail up in the air, surely you would want the gun socketed to the hand so that that animation would work with all weapons??

Right now if we did that the gun would stay in the idle position while the body did something else. Can anybody tell me what is considered best practice here??

Thank you very much in advance!

Just an edit, with some information about why im asking this and what im trying to achieve, Im trying to use a few universal animations to be played additively ontop of my character, just like what they do in many games such as BFV. So for example im trying to make a sprint animation that I can just layer onto my arms/weapon regardless of what it is. The issue is, is of course my weapon isnt attached to my arms, so I cant get the weapon to move with the arms. Ive tried socketing the weapon to the arms and adding an offset so that the default position is the same as in the idle animation when not socketed, but the problem im having there is that as I have two skeletons, one for the weapon and one for the arms, and each have animations, they are both playing and im getting extra movement as a result, for example, when reloading the hand rotates to turn the gun, but the gun is also rotating in its own animation.

Im not really sure how to fix this or best practice.