Short intermediate/advanced tutorials and tips/tricks. Feedback needed.

Hey lovely people!

I’ve decided to create a blog where I could post some quick tips and short tutorials. I need some feedback on how it looks so far and what would you like to see there. My goal is to keep my posts short, so if you came across my blog, you could easily copy my solution and understand what’s going on due to short descriptions.

I’ve started with a few things like:
The quickest to create outline post process I could come up with: Quick copy-paste outline effect for your custom depth in UE4!
Quick tip on how you could use transparent materials to add post process effects that will affect only the scene behind them: 'Post process windows' using Translucent materials in UE4.
A procedural dirt (using Noise node, so it’s not the most robust, but should explain the concept) Procedural dirt in UE4

I’m looking forward to hearing some feedback and tips on what you guys want to see and if the form is ok in your opinion :wink:

Thanks for your attention!

Just a thought but there’s so many tutorials already, this is a very saturated area.
However, what there’s isn’t enough of are tutorials with working sample projects…

Just 2c: There are so many tutorials already, that this is a really saturated area.
However, there aren’t always enough tutorials with working sample projects etc… :slight_smile:

I disagree with franktech, there are a lot of tutorials already BUT most of them are very bad. So good, as in clear and well explained, tutorials are always welcome. Especially if they try to be as simple as possible.

“really saturated area”? I don’t think so. Besides, there’s never too much resources when it comes to sharing of knowledge.

Just seems like there’s new tutorials every week that few seem to have read / watched etc…
A master list of tutorials would help, like the free-community-asset lists. Does one exist yet? :slight_smile:

Anyway, I don’t know if OP is sticking with content creation only, if not here’s a suggestion.
It’d be great to see tutorials or docs on the differences between some of these nodes etc.
Epic’s docs don’t say much, so without trawling the code its hard to know the differences:…


Interpolated Movement:…set/index.html…set/index.html…ion/index.html…set/index.html…ion/index.html…ion/index.html…ion/index.html

I agree with franktech about that the nature of nodes is awefully poorly explained by Epic. Most of the docs are just a single sentence that don’t tell me anything and if I want to find out what is the best useage for a certain node vs. another, I have to spend hundreds of hours watching Youtube tutorials.

The best Youtuber I could find so far actually explaining nodes is Mathew Wadstein:


Good to know, cheers! Any of Matt’s videos in particular stand out regarding this?

Get Ready with my new Youtube channel !!! :):);):wink:

I think his whole “WTF is?” series is great, he explains calmy and very precisely what the nodes are for, what they do and most times tells us about alternatives as well. His videos helped me a lot to understand how to use the blueprint system. (:

And regarding OP…

Could you explain what you mean by “not the most robust” and what the alternative (the more robust?) would be? Thank you. (:

I’m always looking for some more material to read about on UE4. I’ll be bookmarking your blog, and checking up frequently :slight_smile:

Keep posting! You have a new reader.