Shootergame timers going too fast?

Hey all.

Got a strange one. My game is mostly based off shootergame. I implemented the newly released weapons from the weapon pack that was just put on the marketplace. Anyway, long story short the weapons have a config value that is the time between shots. I set these up for what I thought was alright and they work well in singleplayer. But when I host a game and run them in multiplayer the weapons go off far faster.

Now what’s strange is that they use a timer to re-fire, so either the timer is wrong, or something is messing up the frequency.

Which just made me wonder. Could it be that high frequency timer bug that used to affect games across multiple cores?

Either way, anyone using a timer based shooting cycle and notice differences in multiplayer?

I haven’t noticed it myself, but not really tried to check it either to be fair.

Are all your timers handled locally?

Yeah, the timer calls the server to actually verify the shot, but other than that its mostly done on the client (in terms of refire rate etc).