ShooterGame Third/First Person Tutorial, Having trouble getting it to work!

Has anybody recently followed this tutorial?

I’m struggling to get it to work at all, I’ve followed it religiously, but no matter what I try I can’t seem to not use the third person camera auto-magically. Is it compatible with 4.6?

If not, anybody know a better way to go about this? Thanks :slight_smile:

That tut seems very complicated… I use one model and one camera for both views, and a socket on the head which I attach camera to when I switch views (from CameraBoom).

I can also scroll view by adjusting the TargetArmLength on CameraBoom and call the function to swap views when the arm length go below a certain treshold.

If you still wanna use an FPS mesh for first person view, I guess there should be some way of hiding it, without disabling skeleton. Or you can just attach to FPS mesh in stead…

EDIT: I also had a problem getting the view to work at game start. I had to move the function call that set the initial view from constructor to BeginPlay.

Seems like you’re right, I think I’m better off using an initial camera where the eyes are for FPS view, then swapping it’s location based on the button I press. No matter what I do, the third-person camera is used by default.

Strictly speaking I don’t think I have any reason to replicate that behaviour either. I’ll try a different approach, thanks!

I went through this tutorial today and it worked fine with 4.6.1 so you must have missed something out.

I was implementing it with my own code, but I went ahead and did a version of my own and it works a lot more reliably, so doesn’t matter now :slight_smile: