Shooter Sample AI

Hello all,

I am playing around with the shooter sample game to just learn and hey shoot stuff at the same time. I was messing around with the bots and I was going to make the demo level a sample single player demo. So i put multiple bots in and began the game. I noticed they all started shooting each other and realized they are set in a pure multiplayer mode. So i opened the code and blue prints and from the looks of it they appear to attack any pawn in the game. I was trying to figure out how to set there factions (like CryEngine 3 where i am coming from) and found out thats not built in. So i turned to blueprint to save me and for the life of me i cannot figure out how to set there enemy only = to the player. Also how to stop them from just continuously respawing. If anyone can help me with this would be a great help. For a recap what I am exactly trying to do is set up some simple AI based off the existing bot AI in the shooter sample game that is not purely multiplayer. I want them to not shoot each other and also not continuously respawn.

Thank You Unreal Community

Anyone have any idea?