Shooter Gun System

Hey, I’ve sent you a private msg!

When will it be for sale again? Why is it not for sale at the moment? Will you still be making updates?

I can’t tell you when it will be for sale again, but those who already own it will still get the updates.

Hello @PeaceSells I bought your asset a while ago and have just started working with it but I am unable to find the documentation that used to be listed on the Marketplace page, is that information still available to those who have purchased this product?

Yes, it’s available, I’ve replied to your private msg just now…

Hi, i have purchased this product, but in marketplace i see other product

Look inside your Vault for “FP/TP Gun”. It’s the same product with a different name, you can download and use it as normal.

So I just downloaded this and noticed that in Third Person the sights are off. The bullets strike to the left of the crosshairs and gun customization only works in first person view.

Sorry, but there’s no way the sights are off in 3rd person because when you look through the lens you’re in 1st person. I guess what you’re referring to is the crosshair in 3rd person, the crosshair in 3rd person isn’t very exact, that’s true.

About gun customization, if you try to customize the gun in 3rd person, you won’t see the gun up close and the character’s body will occlude your view…

Is there an easy fix for the crosshairs in 3RD Person so everything looks properly centered to the player?

Shots come off from the 1st person camera, so when you are in the 3rd person camera I think one option would be to trace from the 1st person camera straight forward, then get the hit location and feed it to a node like ‘ProjectWorldtoScreen’ to get where on the screen that point is, than move the crosshair there on screen. I haven’t tested this, though.

I guess some people prefer the inverse, something like using ‘DeprojectScreenToWorld’ to get where in the world the crosshair is pointing to, then make the character shoot there. I suspect this is more tricky, but I also never tried this.

I think the cheapest way would be to simply make shots come off from the 3rd person camera while you’re in 3rd person view…

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Is there a tutorial video?

Yes, there is: - YouTube

Thank you!

Thank You!

Hi @PEACESELLS9631 I would like to add an unarmed state. So I can toggle between armed and unarmed. How should I go bout it?

I have created a new blendspace with the anims I want, and have made a state machine in the abp. I also created an enum to switch between states in the character bp but it is not responding when i play however it works in the anim bp preview.

Hey! Regarding the addition of an unarmed option, I wouldn’t add it as a new state in the armed state machine, I would add a separate unarmed state machine, this would make things easier, IMO.

Regarding the anim BP preview window, it takes into consideration the default values for the vars, while in-game these values will change in real-time. Unreal’s anim BP has a panel called ‘Anim Preview Editor’ (usually located on the lower right corner), which lets you change the values of each var in real-time for testing in the preview window without changing the default values, which is useful.

Updated to v1.5.5

Change log:

  • Changed the amount of virtual bones on the character from 3 to 2 (removed the VB sight bone). This fixes an issue that some custom skeletons/anims had with the system. Also updated the related section of the instructions video

  • The function CalcSightsTransforms was changed and now it’s named CalcHandTransforms

  • For iron sights, now the center of mouse sway on the gun can be easily changed from the front sight to the rear sight in the blueprints, if preferred

  • Fixed log errors that would sometimes appear when trying to shoot, aim, etc. before the character was completely spawned in multiplayer

Hi, just purchased the asset, so maybe I’m doing something wrong, but Pressing “V” does not seem to change sights. I have added extra sight to barrel.

Hello and thank you!

Where did you add it? If it’s out of the angle limit, the code will prevent you from using it. Press Y to adjust the angle limit. If you want to use a sight in an horizontal angle, for example, the angle limit must be more than 90 degrees.

Here, I made a video of the issue i’m having, maybe it’s clearer. ShooterGunSystem Test - YouTube

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