Shooter Gun System

Hi, I also bought your product and would like to know if you had any other tutorials as well. Do you have one on how to add gun sounds? Is that planned soon? Thanks!

@Jewbaccah The tutorial is about adding new guns and attachments to the system. There’s no sound in the asset currently, but it’s planned to be included in the future.

I’ve just sent you now a private message about the video tutorial, please check your private msgs!

Hello, i’d like a video of the gun tutorial, too

@PeaceSells_ Thanks again. One more thing I’d like to implement is a simple tracer. I’ve tried to put a simple elongated cylinder in the viewport on the B_Gun Projectile blueprint, but it doesn’t appear when firing. What’s the best way to get the projectile to be a static mesh?
M4X-Tagger (Kitbash)
Modular Weapons are awesome. The more granular the parts, the more combinations:)

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@TechLord That’s a combination I haven’t seen before, lol! An M4 turned into a special pistol… it does look interesting!

Thank you. With more parts, we can do even more combinations (hint, hint) :wink: Awesome Product. Keep up the great work.

Waiting for the update! <3

Good afternoon, interesting pack! I would like to see some tutorials on adding a new weapon actor.

@Pangsuper thanks a lot for your interest! I’ve sent you a private msg!

I finally got to your cool system) trying to connect with ALS v4. I think it will hurt, but still. Do you have any tutorials or videos on how to work with your system?

And forgive my English)

I noticed this is no longer available. Will it be coming back? Thanks!

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How do I acquire this?

Heya, what’s up with this pack?

it’s not for sale currently (but it’s available as always for download to owners).

HI! I recently started working with the product, and I need to change the character by default to a character with a different skeleton (metahuman base skeleton). Is there any documentation or video to add custom characters? Some help would help me a lot … Thank you!

(update) I have managed to make almost everything work correctly with retargeting and code adaptation, but the scope does not go to the center of the camera when I aim. Could you help me with the virtual bone setup?