Shooter Gun System

Oh yes, I see what you mean now, thank you for making the video!

Just place a rear sight to go with this front sight and it will work (the front sight alone won’t work without the rear sight):

For that location, you’ll need a canted rail for the rear sight too. You’ll need to make room by removing both the rear sight and the optic that are initially there . After placing the rear sight, you can place the optic back.

Regarding you not seeing the other player in multiplayer, check this setting before you hit play and make sure you are not choosing “Play Standalone”:

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Awesome thanks, solved both of my issues.

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Updated to v1.5.5b

Change log:

  • Turned off nativization in the project settings, as it can give errors in packaged projects

Hi, not sure if this has been asked before, but is there a good/recommended way of handling left hand positioning? Either when adding a vertical grip attachment or switching weapons? I have a somewhat working solution but it causes the left hand to lag behind and stutter a bit, which is quite obvious.

Child Gun Part Vertical Grip blueprint function to return a named socked for left hand transform:

Updating left hand bone in AnimBP to socket location:

AnimBP UpdateGraph sets the transform from the gun part component for left hand grip:

Updating settings for various Child Gun Parts in ModifyGunProperties function:

I’m trying to avoid the huge ordeal of having separate animations for each rifle type if possible and solve it with a few localized blended anims for hand grip, or hand placement, if possible. But in an efficient way. So if you have any thoughts or ideas on how to fix the lag for the left hand position, I would appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Figured out the lag issue, I had to transform from world space to bone space the location of the grip socket…

Hi PeaceSells

I transplanted ‘shooter gun system’ into my character.

However, the coordinate axis is Maya, and the location is strange.

Please advise on how to fix this

It looks like you are using a second IK node (FABRIK) after the IK included in the project. I would instead just move the bone VB hand_l (which is the effector target for IK already included) to the grip location/rotation before the IK already included is executed (in other words, before the TwoBoneIK nodes in the anim graph):

In this pic I’m typing the location and rotation values manually, but you could use a var (like you’re using) to input that. You can experiment with changing the settings on the right - ‘AddToExisting’, ‘BoneSpace’ - but if you’re using a var, like your transform that comes from a socket, you have to make sure the space used is compatible, as well as if you’re adding to the existing bone transform or replacing it.

Also, if your’e using bone space, you probably don’t need to grab the socket’s transform every frame, since it’s position in relation to the hand probably doesn’t change over time when you’re holding the gun.

Another important thing is that you’ll probably have to turn off that node in my pic when you play a reload anim, for example, because, since the node moves the hand away form its original position in the original animation, it won’t grab the mag at the right place and will look wrong. Just make sure you set the ‘Alpha’ of this node to 0 when playing the reload. It’s nice to also use the built-in interp option inside this node. for smooth transitions between on and off:

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Hey, I can see in your pic that your Aimpoint_Front_1 socket has the Z axis pointing to the side. Rotate the socket so that the Z axis points up, while the X axis keeps pointing forward. All aimpoint sockets must have the Z axis up and the X axis forward.

It looks like there’s already a bone there at the front sight (which I guess came from Maya), but that’s not a problem, just rotate the socket inside Unreal.

Also rotate your FP_Camera socket in your character’s head, so that the Z axis points up while the X axis points forward

Thanks, I’ll look into this, good idea.