Shooter Gun System

For some reason, i do not see it in my launcher, that is how i noticed it was missing in the marketplace.

Please check if it appears under the new name “Shooter Gun System”. I changed the product’s name from “FPS Assemblable Gun” because it’s now TPS too, not just FPS.

Although in my launcher it still appears under the old name. Please tell me so I can check with Epic if there’s any issue going on.

(I guess at some point I’ll have to change the title of this thread too, to reflect the new product’s name)

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I was referring to your launcher’s vault. It’s not in the store at this moment, but it should be in your vault, as it’s in other people’s vault (that I talked to) and also in mine. Please tell me if it’s not in your vault, so I can contact Epic…

Its was back as FPS Assemblable Gun after restart (logon/logoff) the epic launcher, but disappeared. Dont think the launcher like the name change.

Hi @TechLord ,

It seems that the issue causing this glitch was resolved, please check your vault again. Apparently, releasing updates while the product isn’t available at the store require some extra steps on my part to avoid this.

If it’s still not appearing in your vault now, you’ll need to contact Epic directly, please:

Thank you

Updated to v1.5.1

Change log:

  • Quick fix - external cameras “snapping” when crouching/uncrouching - external cameras are now connected to the mesh component, instead of the capsule component

Hi, do you have a tutorial on how getting started with your product ?


Hi, this product is not for sale now, so the video is unavailable.

Thank you

Updated to v1.5.2

Chang log:

  • Character BeginPlay: no need to wait for the gun and all its attachments to spawn to execute any code anymore

  • Gun BeginPlay: no need to wait for the attachments to spawn to execute any code anymore

  • Simplified the BeginPlay code of the character and the gun BPs, without changing functionality

  • Removed the CheckPartsTimer, CheckAllPartsSpawned, etc. from the gun BP as they aren’t needed anymore

  • Simplified the switch weapons code and replication, without loosing functionality

  • When not in use, guns now stay visible and attached to the character’s body!

Wow, the new TPP is good!

Thank you, @BarniDW , it’s nice to hear that!

Updated to v1.5.2b

Change log:

  • Just a quick change of the floor material to make it clearer to see animation and foot movements, while I’m still working on the gun customization update…

fantastic update!

Thank you!


Awesome. The product has been restored to my Vault. Look forward to working with the new updates!

Thanks @TechLord , glad to hear it’s been restored.

This is an amazing product, do you have any idea on how to add a leaning system, and can you explain how i can add new weapons (do i need to animate them ?)

@BRUCE_WAYNE_TDK - I have a video that explains how to add new weapons, attachments, make the sights work, etc. (you don’t need to animate any guns).

Regarding how to add leaning: look inside the character’s anim BP (AB_DemoCharacter), there’s already leaning back and forward when looking up and down, it’s just not to the sides, it’s back and forward instead. To lean to the sides you’d do something similar to one (or more) spine bones, triggered by a character input. If you want, you can also join the Discord channel.

If you don’t mind, just send me an email please with your Order ID, and I’ll share the video and the Discord channel…

Thank you!

Awesome Product, just wanted to tell you, in UE 4.26 there comes a new Full Body IK Solver. Maybe you can simplify some things with it :wink: