Shooter Game 4.7.0 COnversion

Is/Has any one else ported Shooter Game to 4.7.0 (rev Jan 8th, 2015)?

I’m in the process of doing that and any collaboration would be nice.

So far:

  • EOnJoinSessionCompleteResult has 2 changed names.
  • GetControllerId() instead of ControllerId
  • Similar for SetControllerId
  • DisplayAccountUpgradeDialog does not exist in OnlineSubystem. Commented out.
  • UBehaviorTreeComponent changed most places from a pointer to a reference.
  • BlackboardComp->InitializeBlackboard(*(Bot->BotBehavior->BlackboardAsset)); same kind of reference change
  • bReplicateInstigator gone. Just removed in 2 places.

And now it compiles :slight_smile:

Got the Steam libraries copied from Steam SDK to the Unreal 7.0 area per A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums
but I am on 1.3.1 Steam

Next, get it to run in 4.7.0

Ok, ran Unreal 7.0.1 and converted the project form 4.6.1 to 4.7.0 no problems.

Did a Package Project for Win64

Copied to my other machine. Ran on both machines under seperate Steam accounts.

The client can not see the server game. debugging it.

Turns out both client and server have to do the menu setting LAN, No so it uses Steam global matchmaking.

It works!

So, what IS the best approach for a company making a new game?

  • Copy Shooter Game and modify it to become theior new game?
  • Start a scratch project and create it from the ground up?

We tried the second one and failed misserably.

The first approach has us after 3 hours with a completely working game.
Now we just modify the scene, player, NPCs, music, Sfx, Menus, ant Tada! it is out intended game.

I hope this post saves somone else a lot of grief.

I found that after a full build, I can run the game as a seperate .exe and then in Visual Studio the green run arrow is for Attach
and you attacht to the runnine game.

Or, you can right click the ShooterGame project inside the solution, and click “Set as startup project”. the green arrow will from then on always compile and run the generated .exe file.