Shooter game - 1pmesh 3pmesh

Hey guys,

I’m a bit new to programming for ue4. I downloaded the ue4 shoot game project and wanted to extend it with my custom weapon.
So i created a new mesh with the same bone structure as the sample guns. My custom mesh also works fine but the offset for first person mode is a little off.

Now i want to add the ability to translate the FPS mesh just like you can with Third person mesh.
So i looked at the source code from the ShooterWeapon class but i can’t find out why the Mesh3P has translation, rotation and scale and the Mesh1P only has the scale option?

I was thinking it might has something to do with the upropery declarations in the header file.

It only has the scale because its the root component of the actor. So basically its position and rotation are the actors position and rotation. If you had it as a child of another actor I guess you’d see its transform as normal.