Shipping/Packaging with Sav files


I have a grid based prototype for a turn based game. I made a map editor that I can use to generate levels for the Campaign while in Development mode(just a mode on my Controller), and also allows users to make their own maps. I’m currently saving this data with the SaveSystem, but I’ve run into a problem. Running locally, everything works as expected, the game lists all saved games on the local system (from my User directory and the Project directory). When I package the game, only the sav files in the User directory are available, even though I’ve specifically packaged the Campaign files(disappointing, but expected).

Can I register an additional directory, or the saves themselves, with the SaveSystem if they’re outside of the normal user save dir for that platform(C:/game_dir/Campaigns)? I’ve tried loading the binary .sav files via c++, so far it’s been a failure(file exists, silent failure).

I need an alternative that meets my use case; allow runtime saving of a struct to something that can be packaged and retrieved from the distributed game (only for Campaign ‘maps’, user generated ‘maps’ function as expected) that doesn’t involve copying the Campaign ‘maps’ to the user’s save directory.

DataTables don’t seem appropriate. Is a DataAsset the way to go, even though I’ll be writing to them in-game and that’s generally frowned upon.

Not opposed to C++ solutions. Any pointers would be appreciated, thank you.

I’ve decided to go with a DataAsset to store the Campaign level data.