Ship Computer A.I mesh

I need some kind of solid form for the Ship’s Computer A.I System. But I can’t think what shape or form
to give my computer A.I apart from just representing it with a circuit board so has anyone got
any suggestions or had worked on game projects in the past dealing with a Computer A.I ship systems?

What’s the best form to use?

how about something like HAL-9000 from Space Odyssey?

Take influence from some movies, shows and games you like.

Cool AI that comes to mind

-Star Trek ship AI, console based with some speech recognition
-Halo AI, semi sentient hologram with full speech
-Portal, flying comical drone
-Fallout, accountant like nerdy robots and futuristic AI that also plays music and radio excerpts
-Destiny, annoying as f repetitive waste of time. Don’t make your AI so intrusively repetitive that it dictates the game flow.

there’s many uses for it and the way you implement it should integrate with the gameplay. I’d make the ship AI a little drone that flies around and says stuff sometimes, but mostly only when prompted.

Traditionally, the more you characterise AI (humanize it), the more it resonates with people…
But just making it ‘hot’ like the AI / Droid in Dark Matter / Andromeda may not cut it anymore.
Because there’s been so much repetition on the theme, it needs more thinking out of the box.
Thinking like the organic ships in Farscape or the Ocean in Solaris, push for something original…

The SHIP’s AI computer in my game is only involved when the crew are on board the ship. dealing with its issues but when they are visiting other planets, the AI just gives useful information out every now and again. But I have that only as a simple communication Dialog with a pic, not as a party member that flies around the party… As for Andromeda, I thought that game wasn’t properly finished, looked like it was rushed as it had some modeling and animation issues… The dialog was a bit strange as well. I suppose I could put a little hover droid in when the party is down on the planets, until one of the party members had enough of the AI buzzing all around giving its opinons of this and that and then decides to fly swat it with his weapon. And then 5 minutes later, another one gets replicated if I use a hover droid then there would be no need for text dialog but just audio. If I do that then the AI will be a constant annoyance to that party member.

Maybe The A.I can go into fly mode with a timer of about a minute to fly around the area of the map, so you can scout the map and its areas and to also get into places that the party themselves cannot get to, so I can see why a game camera hover droid would be useful on the planets, but what about the main A.I system on board the ship? The ship is an experimental prototype.

It really depends on the storyline of your game and how the AI is involved with that story. Most good games / movies will have entire backstories on various things in the world, even if those backstories are not in the game/movie. Personally, for the couple of futuristic games I have on the back-burner are using a humanoid AI with a holographic texture.

Reading the synopsis, I would probably go with an orb/droid type of thing that follows the player around. During the major events, maybe it could project a holographic image of whatever it’s talking about or a holographic projection of how it views itself as an organic life-form?

Interesting, the A.I computer does cause trouble on the ship, wanting its core upgrades, gets a bit upset when its computer core is under threat of being sold off when the commander’s main tank ‘Storm’ has had enough of the computer and its endless excuses and wants to melt it down into scrap metal.

Oooh, I know then. Basically what I was saying before about the Droid/Orb thing, but with some additional, integrated tools that it can use. Sort of like the orbs from Phantasm (but less grisly :p)

Good grief. I don’t want the game to be that grisly. But Regarding what to put the Computer Ship’s A.I into (when the commander is in the ship)?, well it has to be original and it has to be under creative commons or a royalty free license because I know they have some decent stuff up on Blend Swap, but all the decent looking hover droids or drones come from other games, not original.

Well, basically my idea wasn’t so much the grisly part of the orbs, but more to demonstrate various tools that it could use and have access to a defensive toolset as well (when Storm threatens it). It also would be extremely trivial to model, and the orb could be placed into a “docking port”. But yea, just an idea :wink:

Is this when down on the planet surface?, or just on the ship when you talk about giving it ‘the orb’ a ‘docking port’? . In my game I have droids taking over most of the docking ports stations and some droids will overcharge you or try to.

The only problem is I don’t know how to model… I can write the storylines, I can set up events and do dialog for my game, (finally worked out how to do some animation) but at a basic level to set it up in this engine, because what I want my character to do now (my commander) is after a certain timer has elapsed, he rolls his head, or stretches his shoulders periodically, or says something funny in audio, but I don’t know how to set up these kind of animations in Unreal Engine yet, I thought it was done with an random array with timers on montages or something and probably shoved in the construction graph. I do however have lip synch animation working in 2d form at the moment in small movies that play in the widget but not tried movie cutscenes yet as I don’t know how to do movie cutscenes with talking dialog with 3d model characters yet. I have some decent looking models for the game party members, but the graphics don’t match up yet to the standard because I’m not a pro mapper in Unreal Engine.

I would focus on the action, on the gameplay and get people behind the game idea.
Just 2c: But there’s an over reliance on anims and facial expressions in video games.
Aside from uncanny valley, it just doesn’t pack the same power as movies / cinema.
It would be far better to have more highly perfected voice-over and / or humor etc.
Many game devs could really benefit from taking script-writing at weekends too imo.

I got the basic elements of the game, but I need to know where they fit. Okay. I did use an annoying female computer synthesis voice on purpose to to suit the personality of the ship’s computer. I guess you will have to read the storylines to the game. You can find my site if you type prime offworlds in the google browser window.

I want someone to look at the layout I have of my game, and tell me what will be needed to recreate
this type of game in Unreal Engine with more than one world in it as its got many systems.