Shifting Unreal made custom collisions upon re-import meshes

Hi everyone,
Not really a bug I guess bit just and idea.

I am building a little robot in Pawn Class BP.
Importing from Blender 2.81.
I am in Unreal 4.24.1.
I just had to reposition my components (different objects) in Blender and re-import them into UE4.
I made the simple box collisions inside Unreal 4.
I just notice when you reposition the pivot point of components in a Pawn Class BP the meshes adjust if you re-import them which works fine but the collisions you made
in the static mesh editor are still in the old positions (old pivot point for each component).

It would be be nice just to re-import them and the collisions “know how to adjust”

Just a thought :slight_smile:

You can see the collisions in the BP are still in old positions in the unlit viewport. I already fixed some of them but the tall rear leg for example you can see it clearly.

Just to be clear the pivot point for each mesh (component) was re-positioned inside Blender and then just re-imported into UE4. So the pivot point was not adjusted inside the Pawn Class BP.