Shifting the contents of a Render Target using BP

I was wondering if it’s possible to shift the contents of one Render Target? I have tried using a second RT and rendering the contents of the first to the second with an offset but all I get is black.

Is it possible to render from one RT to another ? My goal is to take the contents of a RT and shift them in UV space.


Hello ,
after drawing to your first render target are you setting that texture to another MID then drawing that material to the second RT?

Ok I realized this was my own mistake. It’s not allowed to write to a render target using itself as an input. When I tried to write to a second RT I had mistakenly not initialized it so it was rendering black and I thought it was also not allowed.

Basically if anyone else runs into this keep a second RT as your buffer and write a copy of the first to it with whatever changes you need.