Shared PCH's not generated in source build

I’m using a snapshot from tag 4.25.0-preview-7, built just fine, but problem is that shared PCH files for game modules are not generated.

I downloaded prebuilt 4.25-preview-7 with epic launcher just to see if there is a difference, and with the prebuilt engine PCH are generated just fine.
Btw. I’m not using any custom settings, everything default.

There must be some additional steps one need to take to get same result as with prebuilt binaries, because I built the same preview tag that is published with epic launcher.

When creating a blank project with prebuilt engine, shared PCH files will be put into:

However with source built engine this directory is not created, and shared PCH are no where else, completely missing.

I’m desperate to get help on this, without PCH’s build times are horribly slow and intellisense is broken as well without PCH’s.

Any help is much appreciated!

Well the problem is even with stable 4.24.3 build.