Share Stats Between Characters

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I would like to know what is the best way to share stats between characters. For example : The stats in Street Fighter V (Power, health, etc) ( Characters | Street Fighter V: Champion Edition )

Do you mean you wish the characters to be able to read the stats of others? They all share the same stats?

Your question may require more definition of what you mean.

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Hey Yggdrasil, thanks for the fast reply!

I wanna know what is the best way to share a main blueprint between multiple characters. For example, in a car game, have the same base “mechanics”, like pressing triggers to go forward/reverse, but change the stats(acceleration, friction, etc) individually on every car.

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Oh, that is easy to do.

Build your base blueprint, let’s call it: Vehicle_Base. Put all of the base mechanics that all vehicles will share, like acceleration (8), fuel capacity (16) and functions to turn the vehicle on and off.

Right-click your Vehicle_Base blueprint and make a blueprint based off of it, that will become a Child blueprint of the Vehicle_Base blueprint. Let’s call it: Boat_Base.

Inside of Boat_Base you can change the variables from its Parent blueprint (Vehicle_Base) by showing Inherited Variables and changing the fuel capacity to 25. Now you need a boat density variable for the water displacement, you can give it a default of 500. All blueprints that are based on Boat_Base will have a default fuel capacity of 25, have an acceleration of 8 and have functions to turn on and off, unless of course you change one or all of those in Boat_Base.

You can go even further and make a Child blueprint of Boat_Base, naming it: Riva_Aquariva. In here you can change the density to 250, the fuel capacity to 9 and acceleration to 5. This will affect just Riva_Aquariva and any child blueprint of it, but it will not affect the Boat_Base nor the Vehicle_Base.

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