Share lightmap between different objects

Is it possible to share lightmap between different objects. I have numerous columns with lights attached to them. Theya re all the same, but are composed from different instances of the same mesh.

Is it possible to reuse one lightmap between all of them?

Thanks for the hint. It is not even possible with static lights? Thought it can be an option - some sort of prebaked lightmap, than used to add dynamic lights.

Not possible. Even if it was technically possible it wouldnt give you what you are looking for since light bounce is bound to change depending on the location and the surroundings of an object. What you can do however, you can merge those meshes, remake the lightmaps in your modeling program and use a higher res. but a single lightmap atlas for the pillars. If you dont want to go back to your modeling software you can do this in the editor as well by using Actor Merging tool.

Go to Editor Preferences > Experimental and enable Actor Merging. Restart the editor, select the pillars in the level > Window > Merge Actors. This will create a new static mesh in the content browser that includes those pillars and it even prepares a lightmap atlas for it.

What i said was already for static lighting since only static lighting uses lightmaps. If you are trying to import and use a prebaked lightmap from your modeling program it is not easy to implement because of deferred rendering, and it is not worth the trouble if you ask me really.