Shaky camera when certain objects enter the view

I’m using HTC Vive-Pre in UE4 4.10 with all current drivers.

In this scene in particular, the user can walk around an operating room and select objects to move and manipulate. When the user turns to face one troublesome movable object, the camera gets jittery. It’s as if the framerate in the headset drops dramatically as soon as this object is in the user’s view.

My first thought is that there is a lightmap issue. Lightmaps weren’t optimized when the scene was put together, so that could certainly be the problem. However, there are other duplicates of this object in the scene, and they aren’t exhibiting the same issue. This object in particular is set as “movable” rather than “static,” and the collision preset is set to “BlockAllDynamic” rather than “BlockAll.”

Could this maybe be collision related? Or lightmap related?