Shadows seems low quality issues

Hi, i’m having problem with this one particular scene where my shadow are pretty low resolution.

Scene setup:


one spotlight (stationary)

directional light on stationary aswell

build lighting on high and scalabilty on epic.

Room is a closed cube.

I checked my light map density of objects, it’s high enough, probably too high actually. In case it matters, I have a skylight on stationary with SLS captured scene. I have a portal on the lamp spotlight.

I have one light mass importance volume

The table is UV isn’t too small:

Below is a built lighting with the directional activated. As you can see I want the main lighting to be from the lamp on the left. The “C” are candle light.

Below is a build without directional light, so I guess it’s not the problem. The shadows places seems strange aswell

Lighting only:

My main lamp light is a stationary spotlight with these settings:

My world settings:

What am I missing ? I’m going for quality and real time doesn’t really matter, seems my shadows are pretty meh quality. When building lighting the only error I have is a on one small object where there is overlapping uv, that shouldn’t be the problem. Something with the scene scale maybe ? I’m sure I must have unticked/ticked the wrong settings somehow