shadows in 4.7.1 dissapear when light source change to movable

Hi all,
Something strange happened when I updated to version 4.7.1. When I set the light source to movable, shadows dissappear. Also If I set an object to moveable, dynamic shadows won’t appear.
That was not happening in my previous 4.7 version.
If I go back and use 4.6.1, it works well
I have already started a project in 4.7.1 and I would really appreciate any help to avoid starting all over again

Thank you so much!

The problem was the quality settings. I see that with the new update settings are set lower by default.
Moving them to epic solved the problem

That’s typically the first place to check if you notice some features or effects no longer look as good as they did before. :slight_smile:

I’m glad you got this sorted.