Shadows from BSP not casting to static meshes

I’m guessing I have something set wrong. But for some reason, the BSP brushes are not casting shadows onto my static meshes. The static meshes can cast shadows on each other just fine. Also, the BSP brushes can shadow each other. However, BSP-to-Static Mesh shadows aren’t happening. What’s wrong?

First, Did you rebuild the map? any time you move a single BSP the lighting needs to be rebuilt. I don’t believe you can set BSPs to cast dynamic shadows since they don’t move. However, if you select and convert your BSP to a static mesh from the details panel, and then change its mobility to movable, you will find that it is casting dynamic shadows.

I don’t need dynamic shadows. Both the BSP brushes and the static meshes are static. I just need them to build their lightmaps against each other. And yes, the map was rebuilt.