Shadowing Problem


im recreating something like the sun system where you can fly around with a ship with gravity etc.
im having some issues with the dynamic shadows and lighting in general.

Here you can see the result without shadows.

This is what happens when i turn on dynamic shadows.

With a smaller earth the problem disappears but thats not what i want.

My setup is one point light in the middle. The planets (with atmosphere shader) are orbiting in (the earth for example )80000 units. I guess it has something to do with the light attenuation radius but i dont know what it is. can some one help me?

I believe there is not enough detail contained in current method of shadow casting to produce good result in case of that small object located far from source of light. imagine texture stretched around sphere and then projected, this is how shadow maps work and further you get from light the worse quality become.

i have solved this problem for myself. if you turn on Use “RayTraced DistanceField Shadows” for the point light and under preferences “Generate Mesh Distance Fields”, then it will work. Here you can read it for yourself. but thanks anyway