Shadow not visible in standalone game

Hi guys. I cant find out why the dynamic shadow is not working. I get the: Landscape_1 Instanced meshes don’t yet support unique static lighting for each LOD. Lighting on LOD 1+ may be incorrect unless lightmap UVs are the same for all LODs.

I have in my level:

  • Directional Light
  • Sky Light
  • Sky Atmosphere
  • Volumetric Cloud

I have no foliage in the game. Here is my terrain size.

Fixed. After two weeks of trying everything i finaly fixed it. I tried to convert the project over to UE5. That didnt work it crashed, but it made a clone of my project. Everything is the same and the shadows are working there :slight_smile: phew. I know about the quality shadow settings and all the other stuff thats well written about. Problem started when i went over to using directional lights. Also one of my problem with crashes was with nvidia battery booster. I work on laptop.