Shadow/Lighting Settings Foliage Tool - Shadow Map Warning despite of not using static shadow

Hi, I built a scene for testing and learning Unreal. Here is what I want to accomplish. I am using a landscape material with 4 layers (Grass, Dirt, Forest, Rock). I am using the grass tool with a grass type (containing 2 different grass meshes, and 2 different flower meshes) to apply grass to my landscape using dynamic shadows (using DistanceField shadows, my directional light is set to dynamic, my skylight is set to static). I am happy with the grass and the performance seems good. See attached picture for my grass type settings.

Now the big questions: I set up my scene creating forests using the foliage tool. I painted different trees, bushes, ferns, rocks, tree branches with the foliage tool. using different shadow/lighting settings for different the different trees. I want the trees and bushes to cast dynamic shadows, small ground meshes such as ferns, small bushes and twigs no shadows at all, neither static nor dynamic, and for rocks I want to use static shadows. See attached screenshot for my foliage tool settings for the three different type of foliage tool meshes. Question 1: are the settings correct for what I try to accomplish?

I am getting a bunch of warnings after building lighting. Please see attached screenshot. Question 2: all the warnings are in relation to the foliage tool actor. But is there a way to see which warning is for what mesh? Question 3: why it shows shadow map resolution issues with those meshes, with the exception of the my 1 rock mesh, none of the meshes are supposed to use static shadows. Also, I’m kinda lost with most of the warnings and don’t know how to fix them.

Also, Question 4: in the foliage tool, when adding a mesh, the cast shadow, cast dynamic shadow, and cast static shadow check boxes are all set by default. Why would I have dynamic and static shadows check at the same time?

Thanks for your help. Lighting is kinda complex and the more I am playing around the more confused I am getting. I read the Unreal documentation up and down but its not good in explaining settings…

Performance wise its running pretty good. I am usually still on 120fps plus using WQHD. The scene has between 1500 and 2500 draw calls.