Shadow/light spassing out, what am i doing wrong?

Hey Guys.

So i have been working on this unreal project for 1 week now but theres been one thing stopping me the entire time.
Shadows and lighting in my scene ****ing up big time, now i have this weird shadow and lighting going total bullox - they have lightmaps on.
I know its something with my model, because everytime i try to import XoIo berliner flat and builds, it looks crisp and nice.

Help i am on the verge of mental breakdown. :frowning:


Make sure you are baking on production, have high enough light map resolution, you have a lightmass importance volume, and lightmass portals on the windows.

If you are still getting errors, you might have to look at the 3d models and UVs for issues.

Make sure that walls/ceilings/floors do not extend beyond each other, the part that is outside will receive shadow or light which can bleed onto the inside.