Shadow issues and missing options

I have problems setting the shadow resolution over 1024 and yes i have tried editing the BaseScalability.ini and that is not all i also get lots of shadow errors plus shadows sometimes disappearing altogether to come back if i increase the shadow distance again and then disappear, highly inconsistent and illogical plus i get very weird shadow distortions, also is it possible to import unreal engine maps and assets into ark devkit without having to deconstruct them part by part, and will it be possible to move files between unreal editor and ark dev kit as we do not have options like build light lighting, and project details for example yet and those are important when working with lights and shadows.

Ark devkit result showing the less extreme errors but very low res around 32-64 is what it looks like to me.

And here is what i get in unreal engine 4.8 shadow resolutions around 2048-4096.