Shadow Fractures Top/Down - Smearing - Tearing

Image Sample

This is a screenshot I have taken.
Im using only one light. Wich is a sky light as a **movable **light combined with the SkySphere BP.
From left to right theres a basic cube, my mesh with a opaque material applied to it, and finally one of the starter content shapes.
Even a Box Brush bsp would have the same problem.

It may have been ive changed some of the Engine Rendering Settings, Antialiasing is FXAA. But even “none” or “Temporal” have no effect.
Also I have disabled bloom, motion blur and auto exposure.

My mesh was by default with 3ds max default lightmap resolution 256x256. The picture was taken with 2048²
But as far as I know it only affects baked lighting. If i were to use Stationary lights for the sky it is no problem but it also would happen on point lights at high angle. As this is part of an architecture project there will most certainly be a light at higher/extreme angle than the face normal.

What is the problem, can anybody help me?

Kind regards

Movable lights produce shadows realtime, thus very low quality compared to the precision of the baked lightmaps. There are however a couple of settings and tricks you can tweak to get some better results: Inaccurate Shadows. - UE4 AnswerHub
The raytraced shadows are also interesting, take a look here: Point Light bad light problems lines without light - UE4 AnswerHub