Shadow for a textured fence

I made a fence out of Diffuse and Alpha channel and I was wondering … is there any way to make a shadow for it ? even tho it’s actually a plane ?
maybe normals ? IDK hehe…

Normally it should already cast a shadow -> make sure that it’s two sided (in the material) + that you use a masked material :slight_smile:

Yeah, I just realized that … for some reason it works only for lights I place and not from sunlight.

Nvm I fixed that…

Do you know how to control the view distance of the object ? from 5-20 meters away, the fence is gone completely.

Could you post a pciture of your setup? + have you probably placed it with the foliage tool?
Also make sure to use the “epic” quality settings

My setup is pretty simple, 2 cylinders and a plane (to make the fence) and then one Diffuse map applied to the plane and another Opacity mask applied to the plane.
That’s it basically … and I didn’t use the folliage tool, just Alt+click.