Shadow artifacts when close to camera (FPS)


I’m having an issue with my shadows on first person models which are close to the camera. I get strange lines as shadows. Now i’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that my fps models are pretty small and very close to the camera. But the reason for this is so that my fps models always stay within my capsule collider so they don’t clip though walls and stuff. I have looked everywhere and appearantly this is the only way to avoid clipping in Unreal. In Unity you can use render passes to have multiple camera blend with different layers. But Unreal doesn’t seem to have this. Even Unreal Tournament was made with this “inside of capsule” workaround.

Now is there a way to fix these ugly shadows or does someone know a way to make my models bigger and avoid clipping?

Here is a screenshot of the problem

Sorry for my bad english.

This is called “Shadow Acne”.
Try to tweak the “Shadow Bias” of your Directional Light.

is the model UV mapped with a material? I feel like I had this problem and that fixed it for me. Sorry, I can’t really remember :frowning: