Shadow and lighting error

So, as you can see in the images, light needs to be from a certain angle to remove the shadows.
Light only affects left side of where its positioned. Example 1:
Example 2:

What happens when you build your light or when you set your light to “moveable/dynamic”? :slight_smile:
Have you probably scaled your light in a strange way?/ do you get the same result when you add another point light?

When I build the light, it stays the same way. And I didn’t scale the light, it’s a fresh point light.
Light movable:
Added one more point light:

EDIT: If I remove the normal map from the material, the light acts normal. It doesn’t really fix the issue because now I have no bump but it looks better than before.

Can you post the normal map you’re using in that material? Make sure the texture compression is set to normal map compression.


A flat area on a normal map should be mostly purple-ish in color.

Right, I downloaded the asset and didn’t look at the normal maps.
That was the problem, thank you all!