Shading problem


  1. I tried the following workflow and made a cube. All faces of the cube are in smoothing groups 1 and its unwrapped of course. Obviously, the bad shading is caused by the smoothing groups but that’s what the link above suggests to do. So I’m confused where the problem is. Any suggestions?

  2. As you see on the top there’s a shading seam where the model is triangulated (no seam in UV). Why is that?

Thanks in advance.

Could you post your UVs?

Are you using a normal map?

@HaxO, Yes. Have a look at it.

@darthviper107, Yes. I’m using the baked normal map.

Sharp edges that are 90 or less need smoothing groups split and also UV island split along the same hard edge. This might help:

Thanks but did you check the link in the OP?

That is also a 90 degree sharp edge there in the example but smoothing group is said to be consisted of 1 group.

Bumps the thread up :frowning:

do you have 2 UV channels for texture and lightmap? and is the second uv channel turned on to lightmap in ue4? (Static Mesh Editor - Light Channel Index set to 1?)
ans is this with light builded?

which fbx version u use? maybe try another.

Encounter this same problem many months ago, solution: Normal Map Workflow with Xnormal is not working - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums