Shading Not Displaying in Level - Nube


I have gone through the getting started tutorial with no issues and have spent a day trying to get through materials. I can see them in the Content Browser and I can modify them in the material editor, but I can’t seem to get them to show on my Level.

My level is a large mesh which will be my main surface. I can see it and the 3d detail that is part of it. It has materials assigned to it from when it was built in blender. When I modify one of the shaders that is used on part of the mesh, I see that shader as a little darker than my mesh, while it is being updated. Once the update has finished processing, the shader is no longer visible in my level.

I’m not sure if my issue is with lighting or the actual materials. I can see the areas of my mesh where there are deliberate indentations that I built in the mesh, and in those indentations, the shader colours are correct.

The flat surface of my mesh is not showing the shader colours that I am trying to apply.

Any guidance would be appreciated.