Shaders are duplicating themselves.

It seems unreal just cant stop creating folders when i didnt ask it too.
I have
Shaders > Simple folder

and as soon as i create there a “material” which is actually a shader for the rest of the world,
it creates a folder called Materials in the root directory, which i didnt ask it do, i never said i need that ,
and ive spent a lot of time trying to understand why i have multiple shaders that are actually just references to the SAME
shader and i cant determine which one is real one.
This is one of those things while people are scared of unreal, seemingly simple task, yet you going to waste a lot of time
comprehending “features” of the engine.

inb4 - fixup redirectors does absolutely nothing, just plain nothing.
You have 2 shaders that are acutally one?
Lets delete one of them (any) and it will delete the other one too, why? “features”
i dunno, why you use these redirectors and why unity manages to do everything more efficient with just plain meta files
without all these problems.

Its just broken this whole redirector mess is broken.

This scenario -
COPY the shader asset file from that annoying “materials” folder to other (IN SYSTEM FILE BROWSER) and delete manually
that annoying materials folder that just cant shut up,
go to unreal, press useless fix redirectors, nothing ofc happens,
and the copied shader doesnt appear anywhere, right because why should it, even if its physically on disk its too hard for unreal to notice it.