ShaderCompileWorker will not build

I’m trying to compile UT4 from scratch for the first time. I’m following this tutorial:…_GITHUB_CLIENT

I get to step 4 of “Compiling the unreal project” and get stalled with 37 errors when I try to build ShaderCompileWorker. I’ve reinstalled VS2017 and the .net framework twice with no luck. I’ve attached a screen shot of the error.

Anyone else encounter this?

Have you run “Setup.bat” or “GitDependencies.exe” after pulling all code from github? It seems that third party libary files are missing.

I ran setup.bat per the instructions outlined in the tutorial.

From ur screen shot, the visual studio solution you generated was for vs2013, you can try run “generateprojectfiles -2017” to generate solution file for vs2017

I’m also getting this issue with 2017
Any ideas?

I have same problem. I have project that compiles just fine on 4.24. After upgrading to 4.25 - without any changes - it refuses to compile, giving “Forgot to build ShaderCompileWorker?” error.
This happens on UE downloaded from Epic launcher, and also on Build from Github. I am not using any C++, my project is purely BPs, i made build from Github as a test if that will compile. It won’t.

4.24 github version include Chaos